About us

Anwa-Tech - who are we?

We are a supplier of workshop equipment. Quite unusual, because apart from the traditional distribution of products purchased from various factories, we are also a manufacturer. In a plant located 50 km from the center of Warsaw, we produce pneumatic lifts and specialized workshop equipmentWe are active in special projects created to meet custom requirements.



Manufacturing and more

We have a very strong offer for the tire repair shop market. This is what sets us unique! This is our niche that helps to cooperate with big playersThese include vehicle and tire manufacturers, as well as large car wholesale and service chains. After all, the real fuel are independent workshops with which we develop our businesses together.


Since 1989

We are adult for a while. We have existed since 1989, since its creation by Andrzej Popławski, who is the President of the Board. In 2024, we will proudly celebrate the 35th anniversary of Anwa-Tech. We will post a description of this event in the news on the website.


We have a workshop

Like many of our clients, we also have a car repair shopAt the very beginning, he worked as a tire service. At some point, an efficient group of mechanics joined the crew, providing the opportunity to develop in the direction that is today referred to as fast-fit serviceThe workshop operates as part of a franchise network under the name Euromaster Anwa-Tech.


We like to train professionals

Training for workshop employees is the hallmark of Anwa-Tech. We conduct courses for mechanics in various areas: air conditioning, wheel alignment, tire service, rim straightening. What sets us apart is advanced training for tire repair workers. We teach repair of all types of tires, including the largest OTR tires - in Poland and abroad. You can see it in the videos on the YouTube channel.